2014 Robot

Team HYPE 5254 had a very successful rookie season. Our team was very small with only 8 students all either freshman or sophomores.  We built a simple robot that was only able to do certain aspects of the game but played the role it was designed for incredibly well. 

Competition History

Finger Lakes Regional: Rank 14, Record of 9-7, Quarterfinalist

HERE @ Stevens: Rank 1, Finalists, Inspiration Award

Rah Cha Cha Ruckus: Record 5-4, Quarterfinalist

Season Stats

Matches Played: 25

Season Record: 14-11

Robot Abilities

  • 6 CIM shifting drivetrain utilizing VEXPro 3 CIM Ball Shifters (18ft/s and 8ft/s)
  • Roller Intake to quickly acquire balls from the floor
  • Capable of ejecting balls into the low goal or other robots (kiss passing)
  • Consistent 2 ball low goal autonomous