2017 Robot - Salvo


With the 2017 season underway team HYPE had a blast with competing at FLR and SBPLI and while we did not attend championships we continued to compete in a couple off-season events.

At the Finger Lakes Regional we fought hard and finished the qualification matches in 29th. Luckily we were picked by the sixth alliance and made it to semi-finals.

At the Long Island Regional we had a great round of qualifying matches, placing 14th overall. Being picked by the fourth alliance we gave the fifth alliance a good run for their money but in the end we were defeated in quarter-finals. We ended the competition taking the fifth highest offensive power rating.

Competition History

Finger lakes regional

Semi-Finalist - 29th Seed

Long island regional

Quarter-Finalist - 14th Seed


RaH cha cha Ruckus

Semi-Finalist - 2nd Seed

Tech Valley Robot Rumble

Quarter-Finalist - 8th Seed

Robot Abilities

  • Fast, six wheel, two CIM drivetrain allows for easy and well-controlled maneuverability
  • Active gear mechanism with floor pickup makes gear cycles quick and effective
  • Fuel can be shot easily and efficiently with a PID controlled shooter
  • Helix feeder design feeds fuel into the shooter with maximum efficiency
  • Heavy base makes defense almost impossible to counter