2018 Robot - BakPak


The 2018 season is in full swing with team HYPE competing at two New York regionals. HYPE competed at Finger Lakes Regional, an event we have participated in for the last 5 years, and Central New York Regional, a brand new event this year.

At the Central New York Regional we worked hard and were seeded 4th by the end of qualification rounds. Partnering with team 319, Big Bad Bob, and team 358, the Robotic Eagles, HYPE made it to the finals in a hard fought battle to the top.

At the Finger Lakes Regional we brought our all and ranked 7th overall, securing our second placement as a team captain. Being picked up by the second alliance captain team 1559, Devil Tech, we once again made it to the finals.



Competition History

Finger lakes regional

Finalist - 4th Seed

Central new york regional

Finalist - 7th Seed


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Robot Abilities

  • Fast, six wheel, drivetrain allows for easy and well-controlled maneuverability
  • Elevator style cube mechanism makes for fast and controlled placement on the scale
  • Heavy base makes defense almost impossible to counter and tipping an unlikely scenario
  • Ten auto modes to ensure scoring with any field configuration
  • Flywheel intake allows easy and quick, active cycling to the vault
  • Lightweight climber makes ascending the scale a breeze