Our Team

HYPE 5254 is the Trumansburg High School Robotics Team.  The team consists of students and mentors from the school and the community competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).

Our Robotics Team gives students an outlet to pursue an interest in science, technology, engineering and math. This is made possible by our generous sponsors and dedicated mentors.



Our Events

Each year we are given a new set of challenges, a kit of parts for a basic robot and a strict set of rules.  And in 6 weeks, with limited resources, we have to conceive, design, prototype, fabricate, build and program our robot to compete in FRC events.

This year, with community support, our team hopes to attend FRC competitions at RIT and RPI.  Competing with and against up to 50 other teams from NY, across the US, Canada, the Netherlands and even China!  


Our Students 

Ashley Banta

Grade:  11
Team Role:  Programmer/Builder/Electrical

Claire Vallely

Grade:  9
Team Role:  Builder

Emma Williamson

Grade: 10
Team Role:  Builder/Head Scout

Hanlon Hulle

Grade: 11
Team Role: Builder/Electrical

Harry Farnham

Grade: 11
Team Role:  CAD/Driver/Builder

Jacob Mcavoy

Grade: 11
Team Role:  Builder/ElectricalT

Wren Martinson

Grade: 9
Team Role: Builder

Jaden Schwan

Grade: 9
Team Role:  Builder

Katherine Hulle

Grade: 10
Team Role:  Programmer/Driver/Builder

Max Moses

Grade: 12
Team Role:  Media/Photographer/CAD

Peter Stephens

Grade: 11
Team Role:  CAD/Builder

Rory Lippert

Grade: 10
Team Role:  Programmer/Builder

Ryan Ciccolini

Grade: 9
Team Role: Builder

Ryan Sciarabba

Grade: 11
Team Role:  Programmer/Builder/Head Scout

Sam Nelson

Grade: 9
Team Role:  Builder/Electrical

Our Mentors

Brad Farnham

Team Role: Program Manager

Roy Westwater, Ithaca College Computer Science

Team Role: Mentor (Founder)

Jeffrey Honig

Team Role: Technology/Engineering/Media

Andy Sciarabba

Team Role: Mentor/Fundraiser

Max Westwater

Team Role: Mentor

Kevin Leonard, Rocketeers Alumni (FRC Team 20)

Team Role: Drive Coach/Strategy Coordinator/Mentor

Jimmy Wang, Ithaca College Student

Team Role: Programming/Media Mentor

Stephen Fastow, Pascack Pi-oneers Alumni (FRC Team 1676)

Team Role: Coach/Programming Mentor

Ethan Hulle

Team Role: Mentor

Kevin Griswold

Team Role: Mentor