Build Quotes 2017


  • “I make the machine to kill the people” ~Hamsor F. 

  • “I could hear, but I can't see” ~Katherine H.

  • “Shoot shoot shoot shoot, doesn’t even matter cause you’re not good” ~Katherine H.

  • “Hey Tyler, don’t think about elephants” ~Max M.

  • “I just got soup in ear.” ~Hamsor F.

  • “Demolition is easy and fun” ~Max W.

  • “Rorrrrrrryyyyyy” ~EVERYONE

  • "Your ear is 79, no 80 degrees Fahrenheit” ~Max M. 

  • “Arrrr” ~Actual Pirate, KG

  • “Why don’t you just use the Xbock controller?” ~Uncle Jeffy

  • “It’s a salty shell just crunch it” ~Ryan S.

  • “Hey Rory do you remember that thing you said in Denny’s that you thought was funny but we didn’t think was that funny and you were just laughing at it?” ~Max M

  • “It sounded smart so I said it” ~Hamsor F.

  • “You burn Opportunity, I burn you.” ~Ryan S.

  • “Tis lit” ~Katherine H.

  • “We had to do the thingy for the thing and make the fire fire” ~Sam N.

  • “Max what does GRIP stand for?” ~ Roy W.

    “Uhhh… Graphical Really cool...uhh… I don't know.” ~ Max W.

  • “2014 the whole goal was the entire field, so if you missed, you’re bad.” ~ Max W.

  • “That man is my one true love.” ~ Ryan S. (Talking about Dean Kamen)

  • “The bigger the wheel, the faster the vroom vroom” ~Max W.

  • “You can copy but only if you meme it up” - k20

  • “We just have to do everything in the least possible convenient way” ~k20

  • “His face puts me off like crazy.” ~ Sriracha Boy

  • “If I was a piece of Vision tape….” ~Roy W.

  • “Yo is that a doughnut?” ~Ryan S.

    *Katherine with doughnut falling out of her mouth, “No...”

  • “Why don’t we just make suits out of all reflective tape?” ~Ryan S.



  • “If I were Vision tape I’d be so much happier.. just sit there and get looked at by everybody.” ~Rory L.

  • “What is your favorite coding language?  Uhm, Scratch.” ~Ryan S.


  • “I think I lost my brain power.” ~ Ryan S.

  • “You took my noodle.” ~Uncle Jeffy

  • “I am this close to nuking the entire repository.” ~Jimmy W.

  • “Oh I need this, thanks for reminding me...Rocky” ~Tyler R.

  • “Guys with green hair like this got 100% chance of stealin’ your 'bot.” ~Ryan S.

  • “k20 the science k20!” ~k20

  • “Come here and smell my arm” ~Ryan S.

  • “I want to meet someone from NI and just...fight them” ~Rory L.

  • "So how’s your arcade drive?” ~Uncle Jeffy

    “...Me?” ~Jimmy W.

    “How’s your arcade drive?” ~Uncle Jeffy

    “........Me?” ~Jimmy W.

    “Yeah” ~Uncle Jeffy

    “Oh me?” ~Jimmy W.

    “Oh! Good.” ~Jimmy W.

  • "No one expects the...unexpected” ~Sam N.

  • "That’s really good I need to meme that.” ~Ryan S.

  • “I feel like a seatbelt.” ~Emma W.

  • “Tell me the throttle and distance YOU PIG.” ~Rory L.

  • “We’re hiding in our cocoons until we become beautiful butterflies.” ~Ashley B.

    “KA KA, KA KA, KA KA" ~Ethan H.

  • "Tape is like magnets except it works on everything” ~ Max M.